"Speakers Need to Speak helped to Get Me on Multiple Stages!" - Jase Souder
Ready to Land More Gigs, Get in Front of More Audiences and Level up your Presentations?  Download this Checklist!
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If you can speak you can influence. 
If you can influence you can change lives.
This checklist will give you:
Everything you need to land more gigs, give event hosts what they need to choose you, plan your talk and cash in when it's all done!
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • Tips to ensure you're ready as a Speaker
  • All of the items you must consider and look into before you book your next gig.
  • Critical items that every Speaker needs once the gig has been booked, including headshots, talk title, travel and more.
  • Preparing your talk and understanding the stage you're speaking on are critical to your success.  These tips will help you prepare and ensure you're ready when the time comes.
  • Being Mentally and Physically prepared on event day is critical.  These tips will put you  in the right frame of mind to crush it from the stage.
  • The Fortune is in the Follow-up.  Follow these tips to make sure you're collecting the cash after your speaking gig.
"Messages with Monetization will Go Mute"   --Dannella Burnett
About Dannella Burnett
Dannella Burnett works with speakers, authors, coaches and consultants to get them on more stages and get them paid. With a think outside the box mentality, Dannella finds solutions that others don't and makes things happen for those she works with.

Speakers Need to Speak was created because of her belief that speakers need to be on more stages and need help to get there. She and her team will bring the leads and the stages to you and help you find more opportunities.

What our fans say...
  • You truly overdelivered, Dannella! Thank you for all of this value! I received so much!! Grateful for all of the connections and the content and the leads!                                          Ly Smith
  • Dannella's Support has been invaluable for me                                                                        Victor Vento, Ventobots
  • I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Dannella from the President of the Speakers Association of Hawaii.

    After joining her Speakers Need to Speak opportunity, I got booked on a very large stage. And that led to me getting booked on 4 stages and 2 podcasts in less than 90 days! Dannella's very well connected and knows everyone. And what's more important - Everyone loves her! And, I'm a raving fan.                                                                                    Ell Graniel, Truespeak
  • Think of Dannella’s SNTS Program as wind under the wings of your Brand and ACCEPT THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for you to grow into your possibilities!                                 Rich Kozak, Brand Accelerator
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