Ready to host your event in 2023?

Live Event Navigator Lab

is the perfect solution!

Join us January 7th and 8th for our Live Event Navigator Lab.
We're going to spend two days with you, diving deep into events! We'll explore the structure, develop a
name for your event, create a budget, help you design your marketing and more. After
these two days, you'll have what you need to run your next event.

Naming Your Event

Naming your event is key and finding a name that resonates with your target audience is key in drawing attendees. We'll work with you to craft the name for your event.

Personalized Event Blueprint

After working with us for two days, you will have a personalized event blueprint, with the items needed to create a successful event. Each person will be working on their specific event, so will end up with THEIR Event Blueprint upon conclusion of the two days.

Program At A Glance (PAG) Template

Whether a 3 day or a 1 day event, there is a specific way to lay out and execute your event. We will be working with you to design your PAG and helping you understand the components and why they fit where they do. You'll leave with your PAG ready for your event.

Create your High Ticket Offer

Work with us to create a high ticket offer that will resonate with your target audience and convert prospects into clients! We'll help you design an offer that converts.

Start with a Promise

Identify their Pain/Problem

Craft a Path to the Offer

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