Speaking without a strategy is just talk
and talk is cheap!

--Dannella Burnett

Speakers Need to Speak

3 Different Levels of Service...to ensure your success!

Get Gigs Generator

Speaking Leads you can book

Land more gigs and make more money

System for consistently getting booked

Monthly ASK ANYTHING Sessions

Get Gigs Accelerator

Get Gigs Generator Plus...

Speaking Leads you can book and have our trained VAs apply for you

Speaker Assets created for you to be prepared, positioned and ready to be profitable to speak

Platform Diversification for more opportunities beyond the stage

Guaranteed Speaking Gigs

Get Gigs Inner Circle Mastermind

Get Gigs Accelerator Plus...

Guaranteed Personalized Curated Gigs

Speaking and Selling Opportunities within our Community

Publicity and Promotions

VIP Day for Strategy and Speaking Success

Monthly Private Session and Quarterly Inner Circle Sessions


Annual Program

Plan 1 - 3x $549
Plan 2 - 12x $149


Annual Program

Plan 1 - 3x $2749
Plan 2 - 12x $749


Annual Program

Plan 1 - 3x 5249
Plan 2 - 12x 1499

"My favorite benefit is the monthly event list with the contact's direct email. it allows me to see what's out there, then use Dannellas's tricks to minimize the list quickly and find great opportunities."
antoniette roze
Dannella's dedication to her clients is unmatched. She is highly skilled, pays attention to every detail, and knows what needs to happen by when.

She has a gift for keeping "all the working parts" working!
ell graniel
After joining her Speakers Need to Speak opportunity, I got booked on a very large stage. And that led to me getting booked on 4 stages and 2 podcasts in less than 90 days! Dannella's very well connected and knows everyone. And what's more important - Everyone loves her! And, I'm a raving fan.

Meet Dannella Burnett
Owner, Speakers Need to Speak & Encore Elite Events

Dannella Burnett works with speakers, authors, coaches and consultants to get them on more stages and get them paid. With a think outside the box mentality, Dannella finds solutions that others don't and makes things happen for those she works with.

Speakers Need to Speak was created because of her belief that speakers need to be on more stages and need help to get there. She and her team will bring the leads and the stages to you and help you find more opportunities.
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